Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Smooth Shave or a Close Shave

Smooth shave or a close shave. 

Is there a difference?

Yes!  If an irritation free shave is what your after, you’ll need change your actions, tools and time frames - just a bit.

Step away from the idea of getting the closest shave possible the first time out.  Close is good for strait hair on smooth skin.  But if you are dealing with rough (not stretched smooth) skin, any bumps (past shaving issues or high hair follicles) or have thick, curly hair; you’ll need to think of ‘close’ in another way.

You can condition the skin to ‘take the shave’- but it will take time, patience and a set of new tools & habits.

Start by stepping away from the 5+ blades!!  That’s like taking 5 swipes at your sensitive skin.  Three times over and you’ve multiplied the possibility for irritation and ingrown hair.  Treat your sensitive skin with a bit more pause.

Plan ahead.  You can get a closer shave than you might think with a a few simple changes.  First among them is to lower your blade count.

Look at old strait razors.   They are weighted, strong and sharp.  They cut the hair at the surface of the skin.  Multi-bladed razors pull hair up OUT of the follicle and cut it below the surface causing irritation, ingrowns and potential infection.

And if you’ve ever had a shave with a strait razor – you know it can be a good, clean, close shave.  If you are at home and need the same results without the fear of an open razor on your sensitive bits – choose ‘sensitive skin razors’ – or single blades. 

Don’t be fooled, these little razors are sharp!  But they do lack the weight and heft of a ‘better’ razor.  If you do use them – don’t be tempted to press too hard – don’t expect the first shave to get too close.  Do stretch – but don’t pull the skin too tight.

To get the most from this type of tool – invest in a quality ‘safety razor’.  Refill the blades often and keep it clean and dry!  The weight from this type of razor will be perfect for getting a proper – close – but not too close shave.  And over time (3-6 shaves down the road) and the right pre and post care – you’ll be amazed how great of a shave you’ll be getting.  Close, irritation free, no bumps, everything you could ask for!

Prepare for your shave by giving your skin what it needs:  

Hydration, exfoliation and time.  Bikini Kitty & Dirty Dog shave kits put all of these items together for you along with the information and ‘Start-up Schedule’ you need to get any ‘feral’ bits back in perfectly groomed shape.

Stay Smooth!  - BK

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bikini Kitty University on YouTube

Check out our latest update on ingredients in Bikini Kitty's powerful and magical products.

Bikini Kitty's Skin Care Channel on YouTube!

September '2012
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Learn about the 'beauty-tini' that is EveryDay Magic Kitten Spray...

Get info on the science and history of various ingredients and why Bikini Kitty has searched high and low to bring you only the best to give you the results you need!

Get the smooth sexy skin you desire, learn what Bikini Kitty knows about skin care!

Friday, January 15, 2010

You So Should Be a Totally Hot, Double D!

Hot & Double D... Why, you might ask? And more importantly, how?Well this statement has come from the fact that like many people around me this last week, I am suffering from a bit of a cold... Nothing so serious that it’s keeping me home from my daily prowls – although maybe it should be! I feel just crappy enough that I’m not the chatty, energetic Kitty I usually am!So, what’s with the ambition to be a ‘Hot, Double D’? Actually it’s a reference to the two pills that I’m now taking to try and kick this crummy cold to the curb!
Cayenne Pepper (Hot)
"Cayenne peppers are full of beta-carotene and other antioxidants and immune boosters." Read the full story about what a great addition this is – even when you don’t have immune issues, like the common cold.

The 'best' part of this particular cold that I currently have, is that it’s settled into my throat – making everyday ‘meowing’ a pain in the... Well, you get the idea! Try this Cayenne Mix for Sore Throat.

Vit D. (Double up)
Many of you know already how much we need Vit D—and now the health community is figuring out that with our fear of the 'Evil Sun'... Many of us don’t get the exposure we need on a daily basis to make our own Vit D. And if you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, guess what, you’ll hardly have a chance at all to get your daily dose, especially in winter, even if you tried!

Studies are also showing that the previous recommendations for proper levels of Vit D for a healthy body and immune system have been far below what is truly needed. Some say the current recommendations need to be doubled.
And the best part of adding Vit D to your winter mix of vitamins... It may help you with that ‘extra winter padding’ that seems to creep up from BEHIND this time of year!

A Well Groomed Kitty Good for Health Too!
And remember your skin is your largest organ... On most of us anyway! Ha! Taking care of it too with a little body brushing will go a long way to helping me get rid of this cold as it aids the lymph system (See previous post on Body Brushing). So, I've added to my morning brushing - a p.m. brushing as well... It should really help boost my immune system!

Well, I couldn't very well show you MY Kitty being brushing... So this will have to do!
Here's is to being totally Hot and Healthy! - BK


Friday, December 11, 2009

Too Many Cocktails @ that Company Party!?

Dry Brushing your lymph system is one of the quickest and most effective ways of clearing up all sorts of ills! Hangovers to colds - you can help kick them to the curb or cure them quicker - with just a little targeted brushing.

Lymph nodes are found in various parts
of your body - underarms, neck, groin. A quick dry body brush to these targeted areas will do wonders for kicking in your natural healing powers.

Dry brushing other target areas, like the back of legs, back of arms - under breasts and along the waist line will not only stimulate the lymph system but will aid in eliminating ingrown hair, pillars (dry hard bumps) and generally help slough off old dead and dry-flaky skin.

If you suffer from ingrown hair, either from shaving or waxing - you NEED TO EXFOLIATE daily! Dead skin builds up daily, you need to counter attack the build-up daily. In fact the skin on the surface of your body is most likely about 40 days old!! Yuck!

Physical exfoliation is one of the best methods to unfurl potential ingrowns. The bristles on a natural fiber brush, like the one pictured above, will expertly lift corse, curly hair from just under skin's surface. This brush will also help to condition skin for a better shave, aiding in the elimination (or healing) of razor rash and bumps.

Don't brush so hard you damage the skin. Light, quick, circular brushing is enough to unclog hair follicles and remove dead skin. A regular routine of about 10 to 15 seconds of brushing targeted areas can easily be added to your morning routine...

A quick brush on dry skin - while the shower is warming up - is all you need. You will feel better for it - not stagnate or sluggish. Your lymph system (which does not have it's own pumping mechanics - like your heart) will kick in to gear sooner each day and help to eliminate the toxins of to much party time - or clear up that creeping cold that might be going around!

And if you need just one more reason to start brushing daily: Increasing blood flow and lymph function to cellulite prone areas can actually help remove the toxins thought to be responsible for stubborn cellulite damage.

So, be beautiful and feel better... one brush at a time!


Bikini Kitty offers complete Shave Kits for Men & Women that include a Dry Body Brush, natural Fruit-Hydroxy Acid exfoliation and the proper shave gear to eliminate & prevent ingrown hair.

If you wax - Bikini Kitty's Pre/Post Waxy Kitten Care Kit will get your skin in the best possible (exfoliated) shape to get the BEST results from your waxing appointment and keep you smooth and bump free after!

The best Body Waxing Estheticians out there love and sell Bikini Kitty's smooth skin care products! If you offer waxing services - Bikini Kitty will help you to better retain your body waxing clients. Smooth Clients = Happy Clients = More $$

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get some Sunshine from Santa!

Are you lucky enough to have Santa giving you some Sunshine for the Holidays?! Well, if tropical beaches are on your wish list -- and Santa didn't get the memo, check out kayak for the best and easiest booking tool I have ever found.

Even if you can only get away of 3 or 4 days, trust me, it will be good for your mental health! Anticipation of a trip is almost a healing as the trip it's self! A little retail therapy with a sunny destination in mind will clear up even the gloomiest of forecasts! Most of the items listed below can be purchased at our fab friends at Target.

My local Target is testing it's retail mix for just this option - they have
swim suits out RIGHT NOW!

1. Get Your Glow On:
Get ready to show more skin with
some self-tanning - and not a tanning bed! Repeat after me: 'Bed = Bad'. So, what tanning products live up to my tough standards? Lavera Self Tanning Lotion is perfect! (Target: $28.) It gives great tan (no orange) color, it does NOT stink or streak. And best of all it is free from all the chemicals and junk you DO NOT need to put on your skin!

2. Be Ready for Pool Side Beauty:
Check out the cool line of pool-safe (waterproof) eye liner and mascara from Boots International also available at Target. These crazy, beautiful liquid liners STAY PUT. Appropriately named "Stay Perfect". They come in silver, copper, royal blue and a beautiful champagne gold (Target: $8.99). "Stay Perfect" Mascara/Black and Dark Brown (Target: $7.99)

3. Speaking of Showing More Skin:
Have you seen your thighs lately? Has ANYTHING between your chin and knees seen the light of day in the last 3 months!? Well, it's time to tidy up! If

waxing or shaving your BIKINI LINE has fallen OFF of your 'To-Do List' -then it's time for Bikini Kitty to the rescue! You'll want to start conditioning your skin to be shaved or waxed at least a week before your trip. So plan accordingly. Make that spa appointment - or if your a shaving/DIY kinda gal - start exfoliating NOW! (Select Spas and on-line: 3 month supply $24. -$40.)

5. Get "Barbie" Perfect Legs:
So, maybe you only have issues with potential ingrowns on your Bikini line or underarms... that is what Bikini Kitty is reserved for. But for your legs - and especially for easy travel, try Schick's Intuition Shave system. This amazing razor for legs (or any place you are NOT prone to ingrowns) is perfect for light packing. The triple razor is surrounded by a bar of 'shave lotion' solid. You can shave under the flow of water - staying warm... and by keeping the razor against your leg in both the up and back motion will deliver the lubricating lotion better and eliminates potential nicks from lifting the blade and sleepy, bad aim!

6. Keep Your "Barbie" Legs Sexy & Super Shiny:
One of the best all over moisturizers I have ever found - is also the perfect travel partner. Check out the Lo-Lo Bar. (Select Shops & Online $12.50/lg -$6./sm) This natural, organic, petroleum-free solid body moisturizing bar is worry free in this 'no-spill' formula. You'll stay soft and sexy for hours! You can use Lo-Lo from head to toe - so packing light just keeps getting better and better!

7. Don't Forget Some Protection:

Your first three days in a (suddenly) tropical location will be a shock to your skin. So DO wear protection! Neutrogena has a great selection of hight SPF products in 'Dry Touch' fomulations that are effective and yet not heavy or greasy. (Target: $8. to $9.)

If your planning on in-water sports check out the VERY water-proof Bull Frog Sun Block. I like the kids version - as it smells (softly) like water mellon. (Target: $7-$9)

Toss in a pair of sunglasses, some flip flops and a new swimsuit from Look Swim Wear and you are ready for Santa!

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